Richard Wurmbrand once said, “We will not be judged by how much we endured, but by how much we could love”. Lord grant me the grace to love as you love. May my life be a living sacrifice. Whatever the future holds, give me the strength to endure. Most of all, let the words I speak to those who hate me, be filled with love and forgiveness. May those who despise You come to know Your love through me. Let not my flesh get in the way of how You are spiritually using me to tell of Your glory. Let the light of my life, though at times it may flicker, not give out until I have completed all that you have planned. Yes Lord, may my last words and breath point others to You!

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Seasons of Grace is a resource to encourage and strengthen believers in their walk with the Lord. Through heart-digging articles and other inspirational writings, this site seeks to be a means of spiritual invigoration for all who desire to follow after God with their whole hearts. To learn more about Seasons of Grace, please visit the About page.

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