by Sarah Itterman

God, give me humility. May my wants and desires never take precedence over Yours. Give me strength to remain humble and not allow pride to get in the way. May Your words be on my lips and not my own. Give me the courage to do what is right when my flesh is screaming to be complacent. Give me the strength to run the race which You have set before me. Let me not stumble or fall by the wayside for the sake of peace and rest. Encapsulate my soul with Your love and how You see those who would do me harm. Help me to forgive and share Your heart with them. May my life be an offering that only points to You. As I raise a hallelujah, let fear wash away into an ocean of hope and joy which can only be found in You. When the flower of my life is crushed beneath the feet of the enemy, let the aroma be a taste of who You are. God, give me humility. 

Published by SeasonsofGrace.Life

Seasons of Grace is a resource to encourage and strengthen believers in their walk with the Lord. Through heart-digging articles and other inspirational writings, this site seeks to be a means of spiritual invigoration for all who desire to follow after God with their whole hearts. To learn more about Seasons of Grace, please visit the About page.

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