Lift Your Banners High!

by Shane Caskey

Lift your banners high! Blow the trumpets! Holy nations sanctified will be our battle cry!! I encourage you to listen to the Casting Crowns song, “Until the Whole World Hears”. Pay attention to the lyrics!

The revelation of repentance to a lukewarm lethargic (slow to move or act) generation is about to begin. It’s time for the Sleeping Giant (The Church/Body of Christ) to awake!

Could you imagine the possibilities of a united church on the front battline!! Standing together as One Body of Christ!! This is how the church should begin to awaken.

Maria Woodworth Etter believed God is upset with some of the churches today, because they refuse to allow the people to openly and freely express themselves to God ( I personally feel the Holy Spirit saying the same message to me as well).

If people can’t express themselves to God, then He can’t move upon them. Our church MUST have a fresh movement of God that affects the EMOTIONS. 

God’s presence begins to manifest in a church when believers commit to doing the following: 

  1. Cleaning the church (sanctuary). This involves anointing and applying the blood of Jesus to every doorway to keep demons from coming in
  2. Praying at the beginning of EVERY service. We need to ask the Lord to send heavenly warriors to escort any demonic forces that made it on the inside to be taken out.
  3. We then need to prayerfully invite the presence of Almighty God inside.

In this way, a real powerful service will begin!

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