Do the Right Thing

by Sarah Elizabeth

In a world where evil runs rampant, those who oppose it’s advances become the primal target. Standing against satanic agendas in the name of truth and righteousness becomes a treasonous act. Such is the world in which we live today. It is vital that in this perilous era, we choose to do and say what is right- no matter the cost. Come what may, we have been given an honorable opportunity to promote God’s love in the darkest places. What a privilege to be counted worthy of such a task!

My brothers and sisters, we are not the first to be given this undertaking, nor should it cause us to hesitate to act now that it is upon our doorstep. Obedience to God is what we have been called to since we made the decision to surrender our lives and wills to that of His. A clear conscience before God, even though it may land us in the deepest dungeon, is far better than to compromise one’s faith in order to enjoy temporary freedom. It is in the darkest pit that His light shines upon us more brightly. He will give us grace and strength to endure the fiery trials. 

This light shines forth for all to witness the face of God in our weakened state. A light of truth to share to those who do not know Him. A light of love to show to those who have never experienced His. A light of forgiveness towards those who do us harm so that they may know the ultimate act of forgiveness which was given to save them from eternal hell. 

And so my brothers and sisters, praise Him in the valleys and on the mountains. Wherever He wills you to go, go without wavering or fear. Choose to do the right thing, being driven always by love. The suffering and adversity should cause us to rejoice that we have been counted worthy for His Name’s sake (James 1: 2-8). Go forth in Christ alone and in obedience to His sovereign will for HE is all we need. Amen.

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