The Snare of Relative Truth

by Sarah Elizabeth

There was a time not too long ago where society knew and understood boundaries. There was knowledge of what was right and what was wrong. Left versus Right. Light versus Darkness. Good versus Evil. At the end of the day, lines were drawn and people understood the effects when they were crossed or blurred. Recently, society has moved from recognizing right and wrong, to accepting all statements as relative. A, “your truth may not be my truth, but I accept your truth as long as you accept mine” mentality.

Thus, everything regarding morality becomes grey. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes (Judges 17:6). While at first this may appear to be the utopia of all ideologies, it has in the long run, quite the opposite effect. When a nation accepts truth as being all relative, it is then when that nation begins to rapidly deteriorate, resulting in its ultimate destruction. Our world has entered into a new era where tolerance is of the essence. However, ironically, this only applies to certain statements.

When one declares something as an absolute truth, retribution is fast coming. It is disdainful to say that your truth is more factual than that of the person next to you. To say your truth is the only way is offensive and harmful to society. Absolute  truth is labeled as “hate speech” and has no place in a progressive environment. Relative truth seeks only to accept and not offend. Absolute truth only offends those who are resistant to the message.

In reality, there can be no such thing as relative truth. It is merely a facade to push an agenda which demoralizes a people. Anyone who dares to stand up for what is right and condemn that which is wrong, now faces certain punishment. As our country drifts closer towards self-destruction, the consequences for upholding absolute truths becomes stronger.

As Christians, we must be aware of the times. We must pray for wisdom as to how we should speak (1 Corinthians 12). When we engage we should do so from a heart of love towards those who aggressively hate our words. When accused of causing spite, let our actions reflect those of Christ so that no man can hold anything against us (Titus 2:8). We must be prepared to face the repercussions for sharing absolute truth-no matter the cost.

We must keep eternity’s values in view and not the current whims of the society which we live in. Truth is painful. Truth makes us wrestle with conviction. Truth causes us to draw a line in the sand. Truth defines what we are willing to die for. Truth forces us to choose whom we will serve (Joshua 24:15). Absolute truth provides clarity and courage to stand for righteousness. Relative truth only provides confusion and compromise. How much better it is to suffer for absolute truth rather than be caught in the snare of relative truth which only yields empty solutions.

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