Don’t be Ashamed

by Shane Caskey

Be not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto Salvation!

Don’t be ashamed. If God is working in you, share it! Testify! You have no idea how many lives it can change just seeing what God is doing in you. Maybe someone is going through the same thing you are. Change is good, welcome it.

There are some of you Christian believers who haven’t been ashamed, and I thank God for you! Keep doing what the Holy Spirit is asking you to do! Preach it! When I was in the dark, very recently, those messages spoke to me little by little and planted seeds in my heart. May God bless us all with the courage these people have!!

Published by SeasonsofGrace.Life

Seasons of Grace is a resource to encourage and strengthen believers in their walk with the Lord. Through heart-digging articles and other inspirational writings, this site seeks to be a means of spiritual invigoration for all who desire to follow after God with their whole hearts. To learn more about Seasons of Grace, please visit the About page.

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