Walking in a Season of Singleness

by Laura Quam

Editor’s Note: Walking in a season of singleness isn’t easy. Whether you have been single for a long time or just recently have had a change in your relationship status, all of us have struggled with this at some point in our lives. Laura provides a wonderful reminder as to how we can use our single years as a time to live wholeheartedly for God. Productively using our gifts and talents which He has given us will not only benefit those of us who are still single, but when we are in a relationship as well. 


Because I share about singleness I get asked how I walk through this season “well”. There are moments I don’t.

I struggle with it.

I wrestle in my heart at times.

I cry about it when the harder days come.

The things that I post about in singleness is what I feel like God is leading me to share. It doesn’t mean that I have it “all figured out” or that I “don’t have hard days”. I want to encourage you in this journey that we’re in. Because it’s a gift but the waiting can be so hard too. I trust God today, tomorrow and believe that this season has an abundance of purpose. So I will walk that out daily!

You don’t see the countless nights I’ve been broken before God not understanding His timing. The moments with crying to friends over situations that caused more pain than good. Those are moments that social media can’t show you and we ALL have those.

The moments that I kick and scream. I still go. I still move. I run to the arms of Jesus. Because He is enough. But that doesn’t mean that walk through with ease and patience at ALL times.

Something that I do know is that I am in control of how I live my life in the waiting.

I can cry and pout about it. Or I can live my life to the fullest seeing the dreams in my heart unfold.

Singles: marriage isn’t a pre-requisite for the call that God has set before you.

You’re breathing right now. So go live it out. Do what your heart longs to do. Is that travel? Is that writing a book? Is that buying a house? Anything under the sun that God has put on your heart. Go for it! God has made YOU for a purpose on purpose. We are called to steward the time that we have on earth to glorify God through every stage of life.

Don’t let your SINGLENESS stop you in your tracks to do exactly what you’re called to right now.

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