About Sarah

Sarah Itterman has a passion for serving God and helping others. Over the past decade she has been actively involved in church and ministry organizations. This has included working as the Ministry Coordinator of a growing church in a small community, teaching English/Bible classes to Somali refugees through a program called S.A.L.T. (Somali Adult Literature Training), being a Student Life Advisor to a group of college students, and has served on the security/medical team at her church. She currently mentors women from all over the United States who have grown up in and escaped from religious cults and are seeking healing and restoration from spiritual abuse.

Sarah has an Associate’s Degree from Bethany Global University in Theology and Intercultural Ministry. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Crown College in Criminal Justice. She is an internationally certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) instructor. She holds a national certification as an EMT and has worked in Emergency Medical Services. She resides in South Florida and works in law enforcement.

“Grace is the never-failing, sustaining fountain by which we are supernaturally strengthened in every season that He has called us to live.”

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