The Place Inside

by Kendra Williams

It’s a depressing and sober reality how far the world has fallen away from God. They mock Him, laugh at Him, curse Him- thinking how secure they are since He hasn’t done anything to them for their sin. Rather similar to the story of Noah, isn’t it? No, God’s not going to wipe out the world with a flood. But there will come a time when it’s too late. This may be as close as I’ll get to explaining why I can get so depressed sometimes…just where the pain comes from. You see, the attitude so completely against God comes too close to home. I think I’ve gotten a taste of what “agony” really means, a pain too deep and real to adequately put into words. I’ve watched people I love turn away from God, literally been watching loved ones dying knowing that there will be no peace for them or reunion after death. 

Without Jesus we’re dead inside… an eternal death and separation. I think deep down everyone knows it, they just don’t want to face it. Why is the world in such a frenzy to be entertained? Yet, no matter how much of it we get, in the end it’s never enough. In fact sometimes we feel emptier than before. Why? Because when God made us He put a special place inside that only He can fill. When He’s there, it’s so wonderful that it’s beyond description. When He’s not there it’s nothing more than a gaping hole, an emptiness too big and painful to just ignore. Oh, we can manage to put up with it for a while. We have so many things to occupy our thoughts. But have you noticed how torturous it is to be bored? Have nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to talk to, no entertaining thoughts…a place of seclusion where the things you’ve run from come and haunt you. 

If you don’t have Jesus inside, then there is definitely a feeling- maybe you don’t quite know what it is- that is very uncomfortable. It’s the terrible feeling of emptiness, an inner death; it’s the feeling of being far from life itself. But people run from God, fearing the feeling of nothing inside, yet fearing losing sinful fun even more. In truth, they see the loss instead of the gain. If they could see the whole picture, their fun versus what God has in store, they would feel like a child choosing toy money over a 14 karat gold crown inlaid with precious stones. If only they could see their choice. Worthless over priceless. Pain over joy. Death over life. If only they could see…

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