When Two Oceans Meet

Sarah Elizabeth Itterman
We have all been there before
As the waves of life have crashed upon our shore
The storms in between we ponder still
Seeking always to be at the center of His will
Yet when there is a season of seeming defeat
It is there where the two oceans meet

A clashing of worlds: faith and fear
A time of letting go of all we hold dear
And when these two oceans come together
The battle in the heart must always remember
That the One who created the very seas
Can also still the waves which never seem to cease

In His tender mercy He allows us to choose
Which ocean we will allow to win or lose
The winds rise and the waves grow higher
As the oceans again in strength aspire
Our anchor who has always in the past kept us stayed
Will once again come to our rescue and aid

If we grasp that which we cannot see
A faith so strong we must believe
That He who walked upon the waters deep
Will not allow His beloved to perish while He sleeps
And when the waves rise yet again
He will give us strength to firm remain
In His arms He will carry us to the other side
When once more the two oceans meet and collide

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